Authors Notes
Graphic Communication

What is communication?

Under the heading ‘communication’ we find various types.  Graphic communication in Technology refers to the ability to use flow charts, signs, symbols and drawings.  This is important when you want to express ideas and market various products or design systems.

When communicating, one must also look at Ergonomics.  Ergonomics is the study of design objects that allow for the safety and efficiency of people.  It is very important to look at various factors when designing for people.  These factors include;
The size of the person
The type of movement the person will exert on the design
The sensory reaction of the body on the design
The various human rights issues involved
The environmental impact the design may have

Lastly when dealing with communication, aesthetics also plays an important role.  Aesthetics refers to the aspects that make a design look attractive or pleasing to the eye.  It is through the senses that aesthetic qualities are judged.  Examples of
aesthetic factors include form, shape, colour and texture.